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Register to Vote

In Texas, citizens do not register by political party, but simply register in their county of current residence. Applications are effective 30 days after they are postmarked or hand-delivered.

To receive a Voter Registration Application, you may:

- Download and print Texas Voter Registration Application (PDF)
- Call the Elections Department at 903-454-5467
- Pick up an application at one of several locations throughout the county, including Post Offices, Libraries, and DPS locations.

Mail your completed applications to:

Hunt County Elections
2217 A Washington St.
Greenville, Texas 75401

or, hand deliver it to the Elections Department, located at the

2217 A Washington St.
Greenville, Texas 75401           Map

You may fax your application to 903-454-7905 but the hard copy must be received by our office within four business days. (Please include "Application was faxed" at the top of the application.)

Note to those who renew their driver's license on the Texas Department of Public Safety website, DPS provides a link to update your voter registration application. Be aware you must complete the form, print and mail it in.

Questions? Call us at 903-454-5467