Texas Counties Deliver
Frequently Asked Questions

  • You need to contact the GIS/911 Coordinators office. GIS/911 Coordinator
  • Auto and Boat registration can be done at either the Hunt County Tax Office or online. There is even an office in Quinlan, TX (Monday - Friday) and Commerce,TX (one day a week).  Hunt County Tax Office
  • Please contact the Office of the Attorney General or the Hunt County District Clerks Office. Office of the Attorney General
  • Yes. iDocket.com is an internet website that contains information from an ever-increasing number of the nation's trial courts. iDocket
  • The Texas Department of Public Safety, Drivers License Division, is located inside the Hunt County Sheriff's Department Building. At 2801 Stuart St., Greenville, TX. 903-453-6916
  • You will need to contact the Hunt County Health Department. Septic System Permits
  • Please call the Hunt County Environmental Enforcement Office. They will be happy to take your information in order to keep the roadsides clean. Trash dumped illegally
  • Please visit the United States Postal Service (USPS) website for all the details. USPostal Service
  • Go here for Real Property records search: Record Search
  • Citations from the Department of Public Safety, Sheriff, Constables or Game Warden are paid at one of the Hunt County Justice of the Peace offices. For the various cities, Greenville, Commerce, etc, please check with their offices. Usually the Municipal Court. 
  • Please see information in the Voter Administrators section. Voter Administration