Texas Counties Deliver
Water Testing

The Greenville-Hunt County Environmental Services Department provides a place for water companies and individuals to submit water samples for testing. The samples are tested by Ana-Lab Corp. in Kilgore (903-984-0551).
Pick-up time: Each Tuesday at 10 am Ana-Lab picks up samples delivered to our department. 
When to submit samples: Our department can accept and hold samples. Samples can be delivered Monday evening or Tuesday morning.
When to take a sample: Samples can only be tested if the time the sample is taken till it is tested is less than 30 hours. Because of this requirement, samples should only be taken after 1 pm on Monday.
Sample bottles and forms: Can be picked up in our department.
Wells: Contact our department about where to take a sample, sanitizing the well, and sampling location.
Fees: Fees are determined by Ana-Lab and can change from time to time. Please contact our office for the current cost. All fees are due when samples are submitted unless pre approved.