Texas Counties Deliver
County Courts at Law


The County Courts at Law have jurisdiction over Class A and Class B misdemeanor cases, as well as, concurrent jurisdiction with District Courts in felony cases to conduct arraignments, conduct pretrial hearings, accept guilty pleas and conduct jury trials on assignment from District Courts. In addition, County Courts at Law handle family law matters by assignment from District Courts, juvenile cases, mental health commitments, protective orders, and guardianship proceedings.  County Courts at Law handle probate matters, as well as, appeals from Justice and Municipal Courts.  Finally, these Courts have civil jurisdiction concurrent with District Courts in civil cases where the amount in controversy does not exceed $250,000.


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  • The Honorable Judge

    Timothy S. Linden

    Hunt County Courthouse
    2507 Lee Street, 4th Floor Room 400
    Greenville, Texas 75401

    Ph: (903) 408-4200
    Fx: (903) 408-4125

    Coordinator - Cathy Stroud
    Court Reporter - Cher Bench
    Court Clerk - Misty Lutz
    Bailiff - Eric Huggins

    Questions concerning policies and procedures of the Court
    should be directed to the Court Coordinator.

  • The Honorable Judge

    F. Duncan Thomas

    Hunt County Courthouse
    2507 Lee Street, 2nd Floor Rm 205
    Greenville, Texas 75401

    Ph: (903) 408-4234
    Fx: (903) 408-4239

    Coordinator - Deborah Mason
    Court Reporter - Shannon Sudderth
    Court Clerk - Tiffany Lothringer
    Bailiff - Joel Gibson