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You may have been directed to our website to obtain a blank document to further an investigation.

Below are some documents commonly needed by Deputies and Investigators for the case.  

 Affidavit of Fact:

This document is to be printed out and hand written by either the victim or a witness to
criminal act.  Please print the document.  Start by filling out the top blanks with your
name, date of birth, your drivers license information, phone number and address.  

Next, start by writing in narrative form what the information you are aware of pertaining
to the case.  Please be as detailed as possible and write neatly.  This document is very
important.  Please keep in mind that many people, including law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, Judges and juries will be reading this document.  What you know about
this case is very important.

When you are finished, please wait to sign the document in front of a deputy.  This may
be done by calling the dispatch center at (903) 453-6838 and requesting a deputy to pick
the affidavit up or by coming to the Sheriff's Office at 2801 Stuart Street in Greenville, TX

Affidavit Form:  download pdf file

 Stolen Property List:

This document is to be printed out and hand written.  This document is used to help our
Records Department to properly enter stolen or damaged property onto our computer

This document is simply an itemized list of property either stolen or damaged.  Please 
include a description of the property, a model number if known, a serial number if known
and the value of the property.  Please note, when determining the value of the property
please use the current fair market value of the property.  

Stolen Property List:  download pdf file

 Criminal Trespass:

This document is to be printed out and hand written.  This document is to be used to
formally notify a single person that they are no longer allowed on your property.  Please
write neatly and include the date, the persons name and address and then the address
to the property they are no longer allowed at.  

By completing and returning this form, formal criminal charges can be filed against this
person if they return to your property.

Upon completing the form, please mail the form to the person being notified by mail with 
a return receipt requested from the postal service of your choosing.  When the card is 
returned to you, this is the proof of service necessary for the courts to prove the person
was notified.

Also, mail a copy of the form to the Sheriff's Office.  

If you are unavailable to mail this form, you may contact our Dispatch Center at
(903) 453-6838 and request a deputy to attempt to contact the person if they live in
Hunt County.

Criminal Trespass Form:  download pdf file